噚日hea. 維也納得3時候, 奧地利南部有8度呀!陽光普照,好暖.


我未戒奶/Not yet abstained from milk

我仲BB黎架. 每日我都要飲.我有呢個習慣其實係細細個時候,媽打問醫生需唔需要戒奶, 醫生話飲咪繼續俾佢飲囉’.所以飲到依家.


(dowloaded from internet but not the poster of the soap opera)




鬼佬齋戒/Gweilos' fasting

嘉年華Fasching噚日結束. Fasching其間奧地利人partyKrapfen .

Carnival (Fasching) was finished yesterday.  During that period, Austrian held parties and ate Krapfen.



喺葡萄牙blog 大懶蟲小肥A Bonequinho 介紹咗佢哋嗰邊嘉年華.咁我又講埋一份.



嘉年華奧地利叫Fasching. 今日睇電視見到喺Graz有巡遊. 喺維也納大型慶祝活動就係Opernball (Opera Ball). 我覺得呢個活動只係屬於啲有錢人.

今年Opernball219舉行咗. Opera鋪晒紅地毯, 附近都封晒路,閒人唔可以接近.

喺Outlet買嘢/Shopping in outlet


(This blog is not an advertisment. Before taking the medicine, please consult your family doctor)




落咗幾日雪仲未停. 天氣報告話聽日-1/ -2C, 係有風,感覺會似-10C.


之前睇過我篇blogblog友都知我係一個Simpsons (時都SpongeBob). Simpsons都會買一餐. 所以喺香港有好多Simpsons. 次返香港帶咗小小過黎. 其中最特別係呢兩個:

Bloggers who have read my previous blog know that I'm crazy for Simpsons (I also crazy for SpongeBob).  I buy all things bear the characters (within my financial ability).  Therefore there are a lot of Simpsons merchandises in my HK home.  This time I have brought some from HK.  These are the two most special

可以放餅仔, 過拎住啲嘢飲嘢食

A mug that you can carry your drink and snack together.


傻佬睇雪/snow watching geek

噚日成朝落住飄雪, 好似棉花咁飄黎飄. 呢種雪我最鍾意. 我會用褸袖接黎研究. 塊塊唔, 有大有細. 當我見到嗰啲又大又形狀perfect會開心到飛起. 街邊啲人見到我會唔會當我係傻佬呢?

Yesterday it was snowing the whole morning.  The snow flakes flew in the air like cotton.  That the kind of snow flakes I like.  I used the sleeves of my jacket to catch the snow flakes to study.  They were in different shapes and sizes.  When I saw the ones that were big and in perfect shapes, I jumped for joy.  I wondered if people thought I was crazy.


blogT&P傾開整鹹豬手. 忽然有idea, 點樣整香港全城熱話摸熟鹹豬手? 我創造咗食譜俾大家參考.

情人節/ Valentine's Day

情人節我節目係去咗Stephansdom教堂八八, 因為當晚有一個情人節祝福會.


奧地利電視廣告/Austrian TV commercials

之前postGeox廣告似乎好多人睇過. 今次搵番奧地利電視廣告.唔係太出位, 但係都幾得意.



(pic downloaded from internet)

Happy Valentine’s day

我喺職場人際關係自認搞得好好. 情人節我會好博愛,啲同事食糖(不分男女).

記得有一年我搞搞新意,都係送’............ .... .........係豆腐花! 送真花緊係人哋男友做啦!





Mama Mia Island

有睇Mama Mia電影blog友會唔會被景色吸引呢? 我覺得間教堂最正. 好想去睇睇喺最近旅遊展知道度係希臘一個叫Skopelos地方. 如果有朝一日去希臘,行程一定要去埋呢達地方. E+未有計畫去希臘,睇住poster. 望梅止渴嘛.

Are there anyone, who have watched the Mama Mia movie,being attracted by the scenery? I think the church is wonderful.  I really want to go there.  Recently in the Travel Exhibition, I've learnt that the place is called Skopelos in Greece.  When I travel to Greece one day, I have to visit the place.  At the moment I have no plan to go to Greece, so let me dream of the place by looking at these posters.


Shopping City Süd


Yesterday I didn't know why I couldn't go to yahoo.com.hk.  Did anyone encounter the same problem?




I have not been in HK for only a year more there are many changes.  For example

-我至愛SimpsonsSpongeBob喺香港人氣度大增. 居然屈臣士同百佳有Simpsons. 精品店有好多SpongeBob,可能日本興啦.

My favorite Simpsons and SpongeBob are more popular.  You can find Simpsons' merchandises in Watsons and Park n Shop.  Also many merchandises of SpongeBob in trendy shops.  Maybe it is popular in Japan.

Geox commercials

Geox出名係佢透氣鞋. 唔著佢就
Remark 1. 多個廣告一齊

Air France’s廢話bullsXXt

之前投訴Air France,今日收到回復
I want to complain my recent experience with your airlines.  On my way from Hong Kong to Vienna, I stopped over in Paris.  The transit time was one and a half hour.  However my luggage could not make it to the connection flight and it took two day for you to deliver my luggage to my Vienna


戶外溜冰場/Outdoor ice-skating



有趣CM/ Funny TV commercials

mömax係奧地利一間傢俬. 如果你遇到以下情況,你都會買過新

mömax is a furniture shop in Austria.  If you're in a situation like this, for sure you'll buy a new one.

1. 唔好咁快啦,我係處黎架
No, not too fast.  I’m a virgin


Hong Kong Delikatessen

This blog is in German only because I want to write down what I have read. (pictures downloaded from the internet and information copied from those from the Hong Kong Tourism Board)

屈臣士/ Watsons

全球化係大勢所催. 喺奧地利港資企業唔係太多. 例如3esprit週圍都見到. 而屈臣士喺呢度化身叫Marionnaud.專賣香水. 屈臣士牌都有架.

Globalization is the trend of the world. However there are not many HK enterprises in Austria. You can find the chain shops from 3 and esprit.  For Watsons, they are in the Austria market in name of Marionnaud.  It specialises in selling perfume.  Watsons brand products are also available.

其實原本我唔知Marionnaud真身架. 係有一次去拉脫維亞見到有間嘢Drogas同屈臣士同一格局. 心諗老番! 上網發現原來係和黃集團架.

Originally I didn't know the background of Marionnaud.  I know because I have travelled to Latvia once and seen a shop, Drogas, which looks the same as Watsons.  A pirated shop???  Then I have found out it is belonged to the Hutchison Whampoa group.


有利是逗? I got red packet?

緊係唔係啦! 其實噚日跟朋友去前証交所參加香港貿發局新春reception. 會上有人發言,當然係介紹俾奧地利人知喺香港做生意好處啦!


Brändi Dog

差唔多兩個月前我介紹過一個board game, Brändi Dog.

Nearly two moths ago I introduced a board game, Brändi Dog.


今次喺科隆朋友屋企又再玩. 我之前話玩法完全一樣,原來係有小小唔同. 所以Brändi Dog會玩耐一.

This time I played this game again in my friend's in Cologne.  I have said that the rules are the same.  However there are a little bit differences that make the play time of Brändi Dog is longer.

再去波恩/Bonn again

上次去波恩係落雨天,所以同自己講一定要黎多. 今次天氣非常好.

Last time when I travelled to Bonn, it was raining.  Therefore I promised myself that I would come here again.  This time the weather was wonderful.


椰菜包飯/Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

貪新鮮,見到新嘢都好想. 之前食過葡萄葉包飯,都幾好食.有一日去土耳其人超市, 見到原來仲有其他種類包飯. 咁買咗罐椰菜包飯試吓啦, !好食過葡萄葉包飯.

I love new stuffs.  Whenever I see something new, I want to try.  I have tried Dolmades, vine leaves stuffed with rice. It tastes good.  One day I was in a Turikish supermarket.  I found that there were different kinds of these stuffed things.  Then I bought a can of stuffed cabbage leaves.  Wow! It tasted better than the Dolmades.

杜塞爾多夫小發現/Discovery in Düsseldorf

喺舊城區已經見到兩間齋賣薯條. 齋賣薯條頭香港都有但係冇試過

I have seen two of these shops only selling French fries.  There are this kind of shop in HK now but I have never tried.

軍事博物館開放日/ Open day of the military museum

今日去完教堂(教堂出面小廣場), After church today (a little square in front of the church),

奧地利新星誕生/ A new star was born in Austria(更新版)

喺奧地利想做歌星可以參加Starmania呢個歌唱比賽.形式完全同American Idol一樣.觀眾投票,個禮拜fou.


金莎Ferrero Rocher

07返香港時帶咗盒當時新出品Ferrero Garden.

I brought one box of Ferrero Garden, a new product at that time, to HK in 2007.

有冇搞錯! 點做好?


咁就喺屋企煲喺香港買返VCD. VCD係貪佢平啲啦,仲有一個原因係奧地利DVD好多時平過香港. 都唔知點解香港DVD賣咁貴? 唔通出版商要彌補翻版損失??

Ok講番,呢齣戲睇完disc 1disc2, 諗點解disc2由頭播? 番隻碟出黎睇真,隻都disc 1黎架! 有冇搞錯!

e+想換都唔知點做?包裝一早dump. 直接聯絡出版商有冇用? 香港卜友知道點做唔該話聲我. Thank you.

杜塞爾多夫/ Düsseldorf/ デュッセルドルフ

次留喺科隆比平時耐,有時間去其他城市. 咁喺124號去咗杜塞爾多夫. 搭火車(慢車,各站停)只係一個鐘.

This time I stayed in Cologne longer than usual.  Therefore I had time to visit other cities. On Jan 24 I travelled to Düsseldorf by train.  It stopped at every stations and took an hour to reach there.

一出車站就行去舊城區,沿途見到好多多國食肆. 喺舊城區逗留咗幾個鐘之後就搭火車(快車,個鐘)科隆.

Once getting out of the station, I headed towards the old town.  On the way I saw many restaurants.  I spent some hours in the old town and then took the express train back to Cologne, it only took half an hour.

Town Hall